“The 38th Taipei international audio & art show 2017” Highlight
21 November 2017


Taiwan’s oldest and largest “Taipei International Sound and Art Exhibition” is already the 38th this year. In addition to the organizers combining classical music with modern sound technology, they are invited by the world’s fans With the participation of Chinese people, we can take concrete actions to support the art workers working in the fields and friends in the industry.

ProStereo was attended in the show this year from 17-20 November 2017 in 308th World Wide Reference Room at the Grand Hotel Zhongshan North Road. We have prepared long-awaited ProStereo D1 and H2 there for first sale, altogether with other ProStereo products, the site is very satisfied with the audition of our products, once again, thank you for your support!



Highlight of ProStereo D1 & H2 Product Trial Event
20 November 2017


Knowing that user would like to have know better and more comprehensive knowledge on ProStereo D1 & H2, we have held a product trial event with DCHAV on 18 November, 2017 that came together with a product introduction session on a one-person-one-headphone basis. Every participants can get souvenir and exclusive sale, we are happy that the product trial event is successfully get done~


【ProStereo D1, H2 新品試聽會】喺ProStereo D1同H2未出世既時侯,大家就好心急想知佢既預產期;到而家岩岩出左世無幾耐,我地怕大家未熟手,就特意搞左呢2場新品試聽。有專人講解同示範點樣令到大家聽既舒服、用得更全面…

Posted by ProStereo on 2017年11月12日

“The 4th Guangzhou Hi- Fi Show 2017” Highlight
6 November 2017


Guangzhou HIFI Headphones and Digital Audio Exhibition is the only exhibition in China dedicated to the topic of headsets and digital audio. The successful holding of 2014 ~ 2016 for three years in succession won the unanimous praise from exhibitors and enthusiasts, and the influence has been no less than the traditional audio exhibition. In addition to the majority of headphones enthusiasts, there are a large number of related product manufacturing, distribution companies and industry media to participate in this event.

ProStereo had participated in the show this year as well. The show was held on Exhibition Centre No. 2 in Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou for two consecutive days in 4-5November, 2017 .