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The latest AAC version of Clip II mini (Music Edition) Bluetooth headset raises sound quality for iPhone®


Since iPhone 7®^ did away with the 3.5mm jack, new users may either use the Apple® Lightning®! headset cable or purchase optional adapter. Bluetooth headset is also one of the solutions, but many would doubt the sound quality of Bluetooth output. In view of this, i.Tech now offers a better solution for "Apple fans" by introducing the AAC version of the Clip II mini (Music Edition) Bluetooth headset specifically designed for the iPhone®^. The most popular Jet black colour will be first launched – a perfect match with your phone!



New addition to the i.Tech ProStereo™ series The ProStereo F3 Headset Popularizes Hi-Res Audio


After six months of incubation, i.Tech ProStereo™ L1 and L2 have successfully emerged and made a reputation for themselves in the Hi-res Audio headset sector, each comes with particular characteristics to satisfy users with different music quality requirements. The ProStereo™ F3 Hi-Res Audio headphones will be the latest addition to the ProStereo™ series this month. Available at attractive price, it would further promote the popularity of Hi-Res Audio products.



Clip II mini (Music Edition) Bluetooth headset – A revival of classic best-seller


Classic mono-lavalier Bluetooth headset – Clip II mini – has astonished the market since it first appeared in 2006. With a monthly sales of ten thousand units at that time, it became a hot and sought-after product in Hong Kong.



[2016 flagship product]MusicClip 9100 Marks a new beginning for i.Tech products


Being the brand's flagship product for 2016, MusicClip 9100, as the first of its kind, combines i.Tech’s signature Bluetooth technology and advanced Hi-Fi audio enhancement function called “Sampling Rate Converter Technology”