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Purchase of a ProStereo L2 to get an exclusive free download of the Hi-Res Audio file of Jay Fung’s latest single<<後知後覺>>


In the near future, Hi-Res Audio will become an indispensable component of musical products in the industry. The two high-resolution audio headsets, ProStereo L1 and ProStereo L2, launched by i.Tech, comply with the Hi-Res Audio headset certification requirements set by the Japan Audio Society. Quality is absolutely guaranteed.



i.Tech Makes Entrance Into Hi-Res Audio Earphones Market With The Debut Of ProStereo L1 Delivering Sharp and Detailed Sounds


Well known as an active player with innovative designs in the Bluetooth communications and music markets, i.Tech has recently announced its development plan in the high-resolution audio earphones business. Its first series, named ProStereo, is designed to deliver the most professional stereo audio music. This series kicks off with the launch of ProStereo L1, aiming to provide users with a whole new and fresh acoustic experience!



Unlock the Charm of Stylish Vinyl Black MusicClip 8110 NFC Portable Headphone Amplifier and FM Radio Bluetooth Headset


Since last year when i.Tech announced its first Bluetooth headset with portable mini headphone amplifier, the MusicClip 8100, it not only has elicited great response among the market, but also presented an entry-level choice to clients who are interested in high-quality audio device. To further enhance product functions, i.Tech also officially launched the more advanced MusicClip 8110 Bluetooth headset, with a maximum output power of 25mW + 25mW, the capability to drive professional headsets or headphones having a 50Ω impedance, a new NFC “one-touch instant pairing” function as well as independently operating stereo FM radio – all of these greatly augment the MusicClip 8110’s performance and distinguish its uniqueness from other same-grade products in the market.



FreeStereo Twins-Enjoy the True Wireless Music Experience with Ultimate Freedom


The first true wireless Bluetooth music headset FreeStereo Twins, proudly presented by i.Tech, is officially launched today. As the name suggests, it is a pair of matching stereo headset “twins” that set the users free from traditional technical limitations. This revolutionary product is ahead of its time - not only does it redefine stereo wireless technology, but also enable music playing and call communication. It can even be converted into two independent mono-sound channel headsets to suit your needs in different scenarios.