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Notice-Announcement of Warranty Policy


Release date: 1st December 2015


Announcement of Warranty Policy

Due to run out of replacement units for old ramp down products and expired of factory warranty period, i.Tech Dynamic Global Distribution Limited will stop the warranty for those products which had been stopped production and also delivery made before 2013.

With effective from 1st January 2016, our warranty will only cover the following models:  


1. Existing models before 2015:

ClipMusic 802HD Edition

MusicBand 8300

MusicBand 811

MyVoice 3001

MyVoice 3000

MyVoice 1000

MyVoice 313 Music Edition

MyVoice 312 Music Edition

VoiceClip 7100

VoiceClip 1100  

VoiceClip 310Music Edition

2. All new models launch on or after 2015:

FreeStereo Twins

MusicBand SHINE

MusicClip 8100 Premium Edition

MusicClip 8100  

MusicClip 8110

MyVoice 2000

VoiceClip 3100

Should you have any query, please send email to sales@itechdynamic.com

Best Regards,

i.Tech Dynamic Global Distribution Limited


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