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i.Tech MusicClip 8100 Effortless Sound Enhancement


Bluetooth headsets in the market are abundant, but one that comes with built-in headphone amplifier is rare. It may be so because most people consider headphone amplifier a high-end plaything of audiophiles. However, with the advancement of audio technology, headphone amplifiers can now be applied to music devices in daily use. i.Tech’s newly launched MusicClip 8100 is the first 2-in-1 mini combo of portable headphone amplifier and fast-charging Bluetooth headset under the i.Tech brand. Weighing just 19.69 grams, MusicClip 8100 integrates high-quality wireless audio play with a portable headphone amplifier. This is an evolution from the traditional image of Bluetooth headset as it now enables great sound quality without the burden of carrying a clumsy headphone amplifier.



i.Tech MusicBand 8300 BE YOURSELF


As a continuation of the youthfulness and vibrancy that characterize the MusicBand series, MusicBand 8300 comes with a super-lightweight, anti-tangle flat cable neckband, and is available in two new colours: Metal Red and Glamour Grey. It is also enhanced with the NFC Bluetooth pairing function, which enables "one-touch connection" with a compatible smartphone. From now on, users will not have to fret about a tedious matching process and can instantly experience the fun that MusicBand 8300 has to offer.



i.Tech VoieClip 7100 Your Trustable Working Partner


VoiceClip 7100 features NFC quick-pairing to your devices, A2DP streaming music and melody ringtones lets you flick between important calls and rockin; tunes in instant. And when you pick up, every word will be crystal clear thanks to an i.Tech-exclusive wind and noise reduction microphone.Try it and you’ll find that it’s your perfect headset whether you’re participate outdoor activities or concert.