Highlight of ProStereo D1 & H2 Product Trial Event

20 November 2017


Knowing that user would like to have know better and more comprehensive knowledge on ProStereo D1 & H2, we have held a product trial event with DCHAV on 18 November, 2017 that came together with a product introduction session on a one-person-one-headphone basis. Every participants can get souvenir and exclusive sale, we are happy that the product trial event is successfully get done~


【ProStereo D1, H2 新品試聽會】喺ProStereo D1同H2未出世既時侯,大家就好心急想知佢既預產期;到而家岩岩出左世無幾耐,我地怕大家未熟手,就特意搞左呢2場新品試聽。有專人講解同示範點樣令到大家聽既舒服、用得更全面…

Posted by ProStereo on 2017年11月12日